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Frequently Asked Questions

Anime Unlocked is returning?
Yep! Bigger and better than ever!
What happened to the old Anime Unlocked?
There was some miscommunication and some misplacement of trust amongst the admins, and they decided to move off in separate directions.
Will our old account data work on the new site?
Unfortunately, no. While we did keep the old data, the new site is a complete overhaul, so we'll be unable to use it. Think of it as a fresh start.
I was a beta tester for the old site. Do I get early access to this one, too?
At this time, we are unsure if our beta testing period will require outside help. If we decide to proceed the same way we did with the original site, you'll have as much opportunity as anyone else.
Will the new site work on my smartphone?
Native responsive device support will be included in the new website. We are also looking into the possibility of getting a native Anime Unlocked app on the iOS and Android app stores.
Will there be a premium membership option?
We do have plans to allow members to purchase a premium subscription to gain access to additional content and features. However, this will be included sometime after the site's launch, as our primary focus until then will be to get the ball rolling smoothly.
I have a question or I want to request a feature. Where can I do so?
We are very interested to hear from our users as your experience means everything to us. You can get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or via email to
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